Activity history

Shake diligently tracks user's interaction with your app, their network traffic, notifications, logs and system events, and automatically attaches all of those to every bug report.


You can inspect all events that lead to a bug being reported. A link to Activity history is located in the top right corner:

Activity screen

Setting up

User actions

To set up the SDK to observe taps made on your app's UI elements, add this to any Activity you want to track:

override fun dispatchTouchEvent(event: MotionEvent): Boolean {
Shake.handleTouchEvent(event, this)
return super.dispatchTouchEvent(event)

Network requests

If you want to see user's network traffic to fix bugs more efficiently, add this line of code to your OkHttpClient:

val okHttpClient = OkHttpClient()

If you don’t use OkHttpClient, use this method to forward requests to Shake:

connection: HttpURLConnection,
requestBody: String,
responseBody: String)

System events

System events are tracked automatically and require no additional setup.


In order for Shake to track user notifications throughout your app, add this line of code where appropriate:

startActivity(Intent("android.settings." +

This starts the notification listener service, which will require users to grant Notification access the first time they open your app.

If you want Shake to manually handle notification tracking, you can use this method instead:

notificationTitle: String,
notificationDescription: String

Custom logs

You can add your own custom logs to Activity history, which will then be shown as part of every bug report. Here’s an example of how this would look like in code:

Shake.log(LogLevel.INFO, "Log message goes here!")

Console logs

Console logs are recorded automatically and require no additional setup. If you want to disable this feature use the method below:

Shake.getReportConfiguration().isConsoleLogsEnabled = false

Make sure that Activity history is enabled if you want to send console logs with your report.


In a Free workspace you can see up to 20 events that lead to every bug. If you need to dive really deep to find causes of the weirdest bugs, in a Premium workspace you can browse the entire Activity history.

Enabling and disabling

Activity history is enabled by default, however, you can use the method below to disable it:

Shake.getReportConfiguration().isEnableActivityHistory = false