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Description and screenshot

This page covers the most obvious content pieces found in every bug report sent to the web Dashboard โ€” bug description and the screenshot.


User's screenshot and their brief description of what's happened are 2 most common pieces of data developers receive with Shake SDK, and you will find this data at the top of your Dashboard:

Bug screen

Jetpack Compose is a declarative UI toolkit, a paradigm shift from the current View system. Shake supports capturing Jetpack Compose screens excepting components like LazyColumn, LazyRow Scaffold and Shapes. On Android O devices, Shake supports capturing excepted components excluding in dialogs.

User drawing on the screenshot

When users shake their phone and the SDK pops up, they are encouraged to additionally mark a spot on the screenshot that seems odd to them.

Excluding the screenshot from a report

Shake provides you with an option to exclude the automatic screenshot from reports.

For example, you are manually invoking Shake through the code in the settings screen of your app, but this screen is not associated with the feedback in any way, nor will it show the screenshot of the issue.

Once Shake is invoked, users can always manually attach a screenshot that better describes the feedback context.

You can exclude an automatic screenshot from reports using the following snippet:

Shake.getReportConfiguration().isScreenshotIncluded = false

Adding tags to a bug

If at the very end of a bug description reporter #adds #some #hashtags, those will automatically become tags in your Shake Dashboard.