Quick facts


From SDK Version 12.0 Quick facts are deprecated, please use Metadata instead.


Every app is unique so the Essentials sent with each bug report are often not enough. That's why the Shake SDK allows you to send yourself any custom data from the app using Quick facts. It's a String object which you can shape any way you want, and you can put anything you want into it.

This is where you will see Quick facts on your web Dashboard:

Quick facts screen

How to use

To set the Quick facts, call the Shake.onPrepareData() method passing your quick facts as a String containing data you want to receive on your web Dashboard.

You can call the Shake.onPrepareData() method anywhere within your app, but be careful only to call it once since any subsequent calls will override the former ones.

private fun createShakeReportData(): ShakeReportData {
return object : ShakeReportData {
override fun quickFacts(): String {
return "quickFact"
override fun attachedFiles(): List<ShakeFile> {
return ArrayList()