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Shake data privacy disclosure

When users send you feedback, Shake "magically" and automatically captures a lot of other data too. And although it feels like magic, it's nothing but — we want you to fully understand and control it.

Shake also provides you with tools to filter out any personally identifiable information (PII) on the mobile device itself, so it never reaches the Shake servers.

We're truly obsessed with data security! If you have questions or proposals, let's start chatting.

Collected Data

The first part of the below table closely resembles privacy settings for submission of your application to the Apple App Store.

For iOS users, make sure to doublecheck the official Apple document before submitting your app.

The most important thing to do is to disclose the collected data which is sent at regular intervals without user being aware of it and which are not visible in the feedback form.

DataAttributes and sensitivityDescriptionApp Store
Phone number                                                                  Not collected.
NameNot collected.
Email AddressNot collected.
Physical addressNot collected.
Other contact informationNot collected.
Health or fitness dataNot collected.
Payment, credit or other financial infoNot collected.
Precise or coarse locationNot collected.
Sensitive infoNot collected.
User's contacts, emails or text messagesNot collected.
Photos, videos or other user's filesOptional May contain PIIShake does not automatically collect contents of user Gallery and similar locations. However, keep in mind your users can decide to attach any of their files by browsing their phone themselves, and those files could contain PII.
Audio or gameplay dataNot collected.
Customer support or other user contentNot collected.
Browsing, purchase or search historyNot collected.
User IDNot collected. Keep in mind that Shake features like Metadata enable you to attach any kind of PII to the reports. Silently attaching an user email for example, marks this row as Collected.
Device IDNon-PIIShake will automatically collect Bundle Identifier, DeviceID, Platform and Operating System information. Not used for advertising.
Product interactionOptional May contain PIIShake's Activity history shows a timeline of all user actions (every tap, swipe, pan), their network requests (request header and body, response header and body), system events (app status changes), view controller changes (user navigating your app), push notifications that arrive, custom logs and application console logs. Shake SDK automatically deletes as much PII as possible on the mobile device itself, and gives you additional methods to manage, delete and obfuscate any of potentially PII also on the mobile device itself, before anything is sent to Shake servers.
Advertising dataNot collected.
Other usage dataNot collected.
Crash dataOptional Non-PIIShake crash reporting feature can be disabled / enabled.
Performance dataOptional Non-PIIShake's Black box can show you the last 60 seconds of device memory usage, your app memory usage, network connectivity changes, device orientation and the CPU levels. You can also disable it.
Other diagnostic dataNon-PIICollected.
Other dataNot collected.
Other data that Shake captures
ScreenshotOptional May contain PIIA screenshot of user's screen at the moment Shake is invoked. You can avoid capturing PII on the screenshot by marking sensitive views as private. In case of manual invocation, your users can additionally blur or delete the screenshot before submitting feedback.
Screen recordingOptional May contain PIIAutomatically captured video of what user did in your app during the last 15 seconds prior to submitting feedback. It's disabled by default. If you enable it, your users will be asked to allow screen recording first, and will have the ability to delete it before submitting feedback too. Shake doesn't record other apps' content, just yours. Use this optional feature only during internal testing.
PermissionsNon-PIIA list of permissions the user has granted to your app.
User emailOptional May contain PIIUser that's submitting feedback enters this data themselves. If you decide you don't want to collect this data, you can hide this field.
TimeNon-PIIA timestamp of the moment Shake was invoked.
OSNon-PIIUser device's operating system version.
DeviceNon-PIIUser device model, Samsung Galaxy S8 for example.
App versionNon-PIIA build version of your app, 1.5.42 for example.
XCodeNon-PIIVersion of XCode used to build the app.
NetworkNon-PIINetwork connection type (WiFi, cellular or offline) and name.
Current viewNon-PIIAn app screen on which Shake was invoked.
TimezoneNon-PIISystem settings timezone.
City and countryNon-PIIA city from which the feedback was submitted. As any network header on the Internet — that's how the Internet works — Shake SDK's also contains sender's IP addess. Our system reads only the user's city (nothing more geographically precise than that) from it, saves that city name and never ever saves the IP address. Even though some don't consider the IP address PII, we choose to disagree and want to keep everyone completely safe and secure by not saving it.
LocaleNon-PIISystem settings locale, en-US for example.
Battery statusNon-PIIBattery percentage and whether the device was being charged at that moment.
Your app memory usageNon-PIIHow much memory was your app using.
Used storageNon-PIIHow much storage is still available on user's device.
Authentication to unlock deviceNon-PIIWhether the user had to somehow unlock the device to use it, with Touch ID for example.
ResolutionNon-PIIScreen width ✕ height in pixels.
OrientationNon-PIIDevice orientation at the moment when the feedback was submitteed, landscape for example.
DensityNon-PIIScreen pixel density, XHDPI for example.
Shake SDKNon-PIIShake SDK version that the feedback was submitted with.
MetadataOptional May contain PIIYou can send yourself a value of any variable from your app. Use this feature safely and respectfully.
Custom filesOptional May contain PIIYou can prepare and send yourself any file from your app you want. Use this feature safely and respectfully.

Additional notes

Some parts of the Shake functionality would clearly violate the PII if not used carefully so make sure to doublecheck the additional files and information you are attaching to Shake reports and disclose the information with the regulating authority (like App Store) accordingly.

Make use of the Shake filtering features to avoid capturing any kind of sensitive info, and avoid sending them to Shake servers altogether.