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After you start Shake, you can pause and resume it for any of your users at any point.


Let's suppose some of your users have opted in for beta access while others haven't. Or, maybe you're building a new Airbnb app and want hosts to be able to send you tickets but don't want guests to have Shake features.

You could never call the Shake.start() method for guests, but what if a user switches from host to guest mode?


Call the Shake.setEnabled(false) method wherever you want to in your app. Shake will be disabled immediately, which means:

  • Shake can't be invoked any more.
  • Shake stops tracking all data.

Back to our example where you want to allow hosts to use Shake but not the guests. You would do this:

import 'package:shake_flutter/shake_flutter.dart';
void loggedInSuccessfully(User user) {
if (user.type == 'GUEST') {

Enable Shake again

If, for some reason, you want to enable Shake again, you can do it easily by calling Shake.setEnabled(true).