Release notes

This page lists all updates to the Shake iOS SDK.

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July 8, 2020Latest version

What's new

To continue delivering you more and more options in a scalable manner, we have rewritten the whole iOS SDK API Version 10. It's like getting a flu shot — feel free to hate us for a few minutes while you tweak a call or two, but we sincerely promise you'll enjoy all the benefits 100 times over.

By popular demand, Shake can now be invoked through code as well.

Submit yourself a silent bug report from the background, without interrupting your end user whatsoever!

Privacy options are important. That’s why you now have a method to disable or enable Activity history whenever you want to.

If you want to, you can hide the Inspect bug button from your users. Brilliant.


February 14, 2020  

What's new

Shake is now fully equipped to track user’s full Activity history — browse user's interactions with your app, their network requests and system events prior to a bug being reported.

Resolved issues

Shake didn’t show up correctly in projects created in Xcode 11. That’s history now.


December 16, 2019

What's new

With a Disable Shake feature you can now easily allow only a portion of your app users to use Shake (for example, the ones that have opted in for beta access), while not allowing it to others.

Think globally, act locally. The latest version of Shake SDK has been cautiously translated to Spanish, German and French. Users whose default device language is set to one of these, will automatically see Shake in their language.


July 16, 2019

What's new

Shake now officially, and nicely, works on your tablet apps

Putting our best foot forward. Just like before an airplane crash, Shake now records a user's detailed environment profile covering the last 60 seconds before a bug was submitted. This feature is called — you’ve guessed it — Black box.

Resolved issues

There was a problem where code signing of your app failed if it contained Shake SDK. This will not happen any more.


June 24, 2019

What's new

Shake is now a tiny bit cooler because you can also use it in landscape mode.

With Quick facts, you can now send a value of literally any variable from a user's app to your web Dashboard.


May 29, 2019

What's new

You can now inspect your bug right inside your mobile app, no need to submit it at all. Shake the device and tap the Inspect bug button.

Everyone loves colors! That's why users can now choose from 6 of them.


April 22, 2019

What's new

Jolly good! Your users can now leave their email address with every bug report so you can just follow that up.


April 8, 2019

What's new

Some things are not meant for sharing. Users can now blur out parts of the screen they want to keep private.

Actually, users are now allowed to delete the screenshot attachment altogether if they feel that way.

Are your users visual types? Instead of shaking their device or taking a screenshot, you can put a floating Report a bug button to be constantly visible inside your app. No way to miss that.

Resolved issues

You weren't able to invoke Shake SDK inside the Simulator on your computer. Well, now you are.


February 25, 2019

What's new

Users can change their brush color to mark the bugs more creatively and clearly.

From now on, your users can report bugs with Shake while on a plane or in a subway. Hooray for full offline support!

Resolved issues

Looooong bug descriptions would cause the SDK screen to start jumping up and down on a user's phone. Now, everything is running smoothly.


January 28, 2019

What's new

If your users want to report bugs by taking a screenshot — instead of shaking their phone — you are all in luck because Shake SDK can now be invoked that way too. Head over to Invoke to choose your desired SDK invoke gesture.

Resolved issues

A user's screenshot would sometimes arrive to you narrower than it actually is. We can proudly say it no longer happens.