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Chat screen

Chat screen is a part of the app where users who report bugs, experience a crash or send you feedback can reply to your questions sent over the Dashboard.


Chat screen complements Home screen which is described on the previous page.

If you registered your User with Shake, all of their tickets will be listed on the Home screen. Pressing the ticket item on the Home screen opens the Chat screen.

The user can reply to your message sent over the Dashboard and provide you with more details about the reported bug, crash, or feedback - directly from the app without leaving it. This allows you to easier fix bugs and makes your customers happy, a win-win situation.

Chat supports dark and light theme and is integrated with the white labeling to show it in your brand color.

Chat screen


Chat screen can be shown by pressing ticket item on the Home screen, or by pressing chat message notification in the notifications center.

Check Chat page to learn how to enable real time chat in your app.