Silent reports

This page explains how to submit a bug report from the background, without interrupting or requiring user interaction whatsoever.


You can send silent reports by calling the Shake.silentReport() method anywhere after Shake.start().

This method allows you to include: Attachments, Activity history and a screenshot in your silent report. If you decide to do so, your code should look something like this example:

let reportData = ShakeReportData(bugDescription: "Broken UI", attachedFiles: [])
let reportConfiguration = ShakeReportConfiguration()
reportConfiguration.includesScreenshotImage = true
reportConfiguration.includesBlackBoxData = true
Shake.silentReport(reportData: reportData, reportConfiguration: reportConfiguration)

Show the Bug submitted toast

Silent reports are programmatic and no Shake UI is shown. However, you can choose to display a small and non-intrusive message saying Done. Bug submitted successfully. on the bottom of a users screen once the report has been submitted:

let reportConfiguration = ShakeReportConfiguration()
reportConfiguration.showsToastMessageOnSend = true