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Feedback type

This SDK option allows your users to categorize their feedback.


When submitting their feedback, your users immediately categorize it as either a bug report, an improvement suggestion, or just a question.

Depending on their choice, you automatically receive the bug, suggestion or question tag next to their ticket in your Shake Dashboard. This way, you can filter and browse them efficiently!

Custom types

You can configure Shake to display any number of custom categories related to your product.

Shake exposes an internal FeedbackType type which is used to encapsulate the properties of your custom category.

The snippet below showcases an example usage of the feature.

const feedbackType1 = new FeedbackType('Hardware issue', 'hardware', 'ic_hardware'); // Icon is optional
const feedbackType2 = new FeedbackType('Call audio problem', 'call_audio', 'ic_call_audio');
const feedbackType3 = new FeedbackType('File sync issue', 'file_sync', 'ic_file_sync');
Shake.setFeedbackTypes([feedbackType1, feedbackType2, feedbackType3]);

Icons should be added in the native project with the name specified in the code. For Android, add icons under the android/app/src/main/res/drawable directory, for iOS add icons through the XCode to the Images.xcassets directory.

There is no limit to the number of categories you can enter.

Along with setFeedbackTypes method, Shake also exposes the getFeedbackTypes method which allows you to grab the current set of FeedbackType and use them how you like.

Common use case is that some portions of your application can "unlock" certain features, so you can have different feedback types for different "parts" of your application. This enables you to , in a sense, "follow" your application context and filter out the possible issues on the SDK itself.

const enableVideoCallFeature = async contactId => {
const videoCallCategory = new FeedbackType('Hardware issue', 'hardware', 'ic_hardware');
const existing = await Shake.getFeedbackTypes();

On iOS, Shake.getFeedbackTypes method will return empty string for FeedbackType icon. You'll have to manually set icon if you are using this method.


If you don’t want your users to have to categorize their feedback, simply hide this option using the following method:


On your Shake Dashboard, all these tickets won't have any specific type (and tag).