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Release notes

This page lists all updates to the Shake React Native SDK.

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October 14, 2021  Latest version

What's new

We've completely redesigned Shake to continue delivering you more and more options in a scalable manner. It also started supporting dark and light theme so it can beautifully fit into your app in either case.

We've introduced Home screen where your users can see tickets they reported.

This version now contains a Russian, Italian, Polish, Latvian, Estonian and Thai translation, which additionally extends the lists of languages Shake's been translated to. Your users whose default device language is set to one of these will automatically see Shake in their language.


April 28, 2021  

Bug fixes

There were a few minor bugs that caused problems, like bugs do. We fixed those, and improved the SDK stability too.


April 22, 2021  

Bug fixes

We fixed a bug that caused a problem with tracking notifications without title or description.


April 13, 2021  

What's new

You wanted us to get rid of Quick Facts (one long concatenated string) and introduce Metadata (useful key-value pairs) instead. So we did it.

Not all of you love the default Shake color. Now, whenever users open it up, Shake can appear in your brand color and with your logo.

Your users can at last attach their own files to a bug report! They can also remove any of them with a subtle long press. Neat.

The Wrap-up screen is now a tiny bit more helpful than before. If your users want to, they can read how to report great bugs or recommend us.

If you want to, our Activity history now allows you to send yourself any custom logs, and read the notifications users receive.

Users can finally report different types of feedback: bugs, suggestions and questions.

Screenshots are cool, but wouldn't it be even cooler if you could watch a short video of what a user did before reporting the bug? That's why we introduced Automatic screen recording.

Your users can record an additional video of their screen or grab one or two more extra screenshots and attach them to the feedback they're submitting — without ever leaving your app.

Shake will now automatically redact sensitive data from your network requests, notifications and touch events so it never reaches Shake servers.

Shake now allows you to manage sensitive data on the mobile device itself, so it never reaches the Shake servers. It can be used for notifications, network requests, screens and screen elements.

We've added console logs to Activity history.

You can now use the in-app Shake onboarding dialog to inform your users about Shake availability.

We updated the start method. The configuration keys are now loaded via the method, and not with the values from the .plist and .xml files.


September 8, 2020  

What's new

By popular demand, Shake can now be invoked through code as well.

Submit yourself a silent bug report from the background, without interrupting your end user whatsoever!

Privacy options are important. That’s why you now have a method to disable or enable Activity history whenever you want to.

If you want to, you can hide the Inspect bug button from your users. Brilliant.


June 25, 2020

What's new

You can now use Shake React Native SDK in the React Native applications. Check Setup guide and follow step by step guide to integrate Shake SDK into your React Native application.