Test so fast you can pre-pre-release your app.

Get world-class data from your beta testers.

For every beta case

Either closed or open, private or public.

Distribute the app to chosen ones and get magical reports with no errors. Handle all data and issues under one roof – structured and inviting to fix.

Test real-world scenarios

Tame the uncontrolled environment.

Know all testers’ network conditions and receive feedback from a variety of devices and OSs all over the world. That is how you nail the market reception.

Waaay more than bug reporting

Discover issues you missed in internal testing.

Tickets aside, engage with users on another level. Finally understand their pet peeves and wishes so you can launch the most polished version of your app.

Tailor the collected data

Cruise safely through beta.

Exclude sensitive data—if needed—and focus on the obvious. Or if you’re feeling like a ninja, use silent reporting without alerting the user. Powerful options are there, now it’s up to you.

To sum it up

Test fast with structure

Engage with worldwide testers

Shape collected data to your needs

Release confidently without sweating

Meet your favorite bug and crash reporting tool.

Add to app in minutes

Doesn’t affect app speed

GDPR & CCPA compliant