Your X factor when it comes to execution.

As a product manager, get your team on the same page.

Set your priorities straight

Shake is your first line of defense for bug triage.

Know what to fix right away, and what to leave for later. Let your team shine with perfectly aligned priorities.

Automate incoming tickets

Set rules for your workflow.

Merge tickets or remove the duplicated ones. Make life easier for every team member without additional manual hustle.

Jump-start your team enthusiasm

Lose the habit of lacking precious data.

Serve devs the data they deserve; with more than 50 attached data points to solve issues smarter and efficient.

Speedrun across sprints

For once, finish all the tasks you had planned.

We’re dead serious about deadlines, just as you. Close issues, tag tickets and get from testing to production in no time.

To sum it up

Give devs the info they truly need

Prioritize what to fix sooner

Get insights on what to develop next

Make your issues a non-issue thing

Help your app be the best version of itself.

Add to app in minutes

Doesn’t affect app speed

GDPR & CCPA compliant