Personalized alternative to Firebase Crashlytics.

Add Shake to your app and enjoy all the benefits of
truly customized crash reporting.

All features

All plans have all features, nothing is hidden.

Unlimited seats

Invite your entire team to join, no charge per seat.

Public roadmap

Have your say about which features get developed.

Ivan Trogrlić

DECODE — Mobile Lead

Just like Crashlytics but you get way more actionable data with each report. Plus, you’re able to live chat with users.

Add to app in minutes

Doesn’t affect app speed

GDPR & CCPA compliant

Firebase Crashlytics and Shake.

Team collaboration

Absolutely none at all

You’ll only receive crash data and statistics with Crashlytics, but nothing else. There’s no way for your team to work together.

Collaborate on crashes effortlessly

Along with crash data, Shake lets you assign crashes to teammates, add tags, chat about and forward them to other tools.

Data-rich crash reports

Just basic crash data

Crashlytics collects nothing but crash data. It’s useful, but you get none of the additional data that could be crucial to solving the issue.

Crash data + 60 useful metrics

Shake collects all crash data, and more. You’ll also receive steps to reproduce, screen recording before the crash, device info, and more with each report.

Real users, not unidentified statistics

Anonymous users you can’t contact

You’ll know how many users experienced a specific crash, but there’s no way to identify who they are or chat with them.

Actual users you can chat with

Identify which people experienced a specific crash, and chat with them in real-time from inside the app.

Insightful user feedback

No feedback at all

Once a crash happens, your users won’t be able to add any feedback or describe it. This is a real missed opportunity to gain useful info.

Instant, actionable feedback

After your app crashes, users are prompted to describe exactly what happened and send the details to you immediately.

All the tech support
you’ll ever need.

Shake's support team consists of real and dedicated developers

Developers here to help

Shake’s support team is made up of real devs who know the product inside and out.

Shake has crystal clear documentation filled with useful examples

Crystal-clear documentation

Resources filled with useful examples to help you integrate and customize the SDK.

jacob wisebeck

Jacob Wisebeck

One Acre Fund — Dev Team Lead

Shake has really streamlined issue investigation and identification for us. The integration was simple and the features are well designed.

Meet your favorite bug and crash reporting tool.

Add to app in minutes

Doesn’t affect app speed

GDPR & CCPA compliant