You’re a developer,
not a detective.

Get reports that are actually useful for fixing issues.

Fresh reports, rich data

From absolutely everyone – every single time.

Whether they’re from a QA or a noob user, turn even the lousy reports into state-of-the-art information – automatically.

Close the issues faster

With more than 50 collected data points.

Save about 40-50 hours of debugging hustle per month. That’s about 20 days yearly, but who’s counting?

In-app chat for problem-solving

Bond and talk to users directly.

 No more waiting or begging for info that’s out of reach. Fix issues on the fly and turn 1-star into 5-star reviews of your app.

To sum it up

Stop investigating more than you should

Get all the data you need to solve issues

Chat with users directly and effectively

Enjoy more time to focus on features

Bug and crash reporting tool you’ve been looking for.

Add to app in minutes

Doesn’t affect app speed

GDPR & CCPA compliant