Shake helps BitRaptors keep users at forefront of product development

Shake's detailed bug reports really saved us time!
Juli Pesci, Co-founder

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Shake helps CarePlanner improve communication and bug resolution

Shake is our go-to tool when it comes to supporting app users.
Mark Anslow

Shake helps StartEngine work through releases and development more efficiently

Shake’s a great tool for a real-time ear to the ground.
Cameron Ehlrich
Principal software engineer

Shake helps Blossom Social save 10 developer hours each week

Out of all the tools we use at Blossom Social, Shake is in the top 3.
Maxwell Nicholson

Shake helps Vitruvian build meaningful relationships with users

We’ve been able to work through hundreds of issues thanks to Shake.
Nathan Castlehow
Software engineer

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