The better alternative to Bugsee.

Get unlimited bug and crash reports with far more
generous data retention.

toni vujević

Toni Vujević

DECODE — Mobile Lead

Compared to Bugsee, Shake’s pricing is so simple and the product is insanely stable. It took us minutes to get started and we never looked back.

Add to app in 4 minutes

No affect on app speed

GDPR & CCPA compliant

Bugsee and Shake.

Much longer data retention

Only 1 month’s data retention

Bugsee barely gives you any—just 1 month on the Pro plan. To extend it, you’ll have to spend more on the custom plan.

Bugsee only offers 1 month data retention

A generous year of data retention

Shake keeps your data for a full year as standard, and you can double it to 2 years by upgrading at any time.

Way more unique devices

Only up to 50 unique devices

Bugsee charges for every unique device used. If that number goes over 50 in a month, you’ll have to spend more for their custom plan.

Up to 10 000 unique devices

Shake’s Premium plan includes up to 10k unique devices, and you can add more at any time. This scales favorably as more people start using your app.

All the tech support
you’ll ever need.

Shake's developers are here to help

Developers here to help

Shake’s support team is made up of real devs who know the product inside and out.

Shake documentation is crystal clear and offers useful examples

Crystal-clear documentation

Resources filled with useful examples to help you integrate and customize the SDK.

jacob wisebeck

Jacob Wisebeck

One Acre Fund — Dev Team Lead

Shake has really streamlined issue investigation and identification for us. The integration was simple and the features are well designed.

Meet your favorite bug and crash reporting tool.

Add to app in minutes

Doesn’t affect app speed

GDPR & CCPA compliant