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The problem

Fixing crashes is overwhelming without the actionable data.

You only get a stack trace

Receiving a crash stack trace but no other data just isn’t enough.

you only get a stack trace

It’s hard to identify patterns

There’s no way to know which users have experienced a specific crash.

it's hard to identify crash patterns

You can’t chat with users

There’s no option to contact users who experience a crash and ask for details.

you can't chat with app suers

No way to collect crash feedback

It’s impossible to gather vital data from a user immediately after the crash.

no way to collect crash feedback

The solution

Getting data that tells you why and how your app is crashing.

Receive vital user comments

Want to find out what happened direct from the user? Shake lets them submit their own feedback after a crash.

recieve user comments after a crash happens

Know exactly who experienced a crash

It only takes seconds to identify which specific users have been hit. Shake lists all app users, their attributes, and tickets.

know exactly which users experienced a crash

Real-time chat with users

Use live chat to ask additional questions, reassure users you’re dealing with issues, and notify them of fixes.

chat with app users

Check steps to reproduce and logs

Solving a crash is much easier if you can check the user’s activity leading up to it. Shake attaches this essential data automatically with each report.

  • Timeline of all user taps
  • Network traffic
  • Logs
check steps to reproduce and logs

Study device info and Black box data

Not enough device info to solve a crash? Each Shake crash report offers useful data about the device and its state leading up to the crash.

  • App version and current view
  • Device and app memory usage
  • +12 more useful data points
study device info and Black box data

Cherry-pick the perfect custom data

Getting really specific details will help solve crashes faster. With Shake you can send the value of any variable as part of each crash report.

send yourself custom data

Simple. Safe.
And supported.

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Filled with useful examples that help you integrate and customize the SDK.

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Easily connect with the tools your team already loves using.

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Shake's support team consists of real developers

Developers here to help

Shake’s support team is made up of real devs who know the product inside and out.

Shake is GDPR and CCPA compliant

GDPR and CCPA compliant

Hosted on AWS EU—ISO 27001, SOC2 and HIPAA compliant.

ruben vereecken

Ruben Vereecken

Lessgo — CTO

Shake has allowed us to gain real insight into real issues our users were having during our beta phase, then later during QA.

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Add to app in minutes

Doesn’t affect app speed

GDPR & CCPA compliant