Ironically, live chat is dying.

On the other hand, your app is flourishing.

Supercharge your support

Understand your users 200% better

Receiving tickets, and chatting; it’s all basic stuff. With Shake you get a better understanding of your app users backed up by fabulous data.

  • Know the issue from the get-go
  • With 0 doubts and second-guesses

Give your team peace of mind

No more struggling to find out: What device? What app version? Which OS? What did the user do? Now you’ll know it, automatically.

  • Get 50+ useful data points
  • Auto-attached on reports

One hub, all feedback

Your own support station, inside the app.

On the forefront of SDK, add helpful links to steer users in the right direction and be amazed how quickly some issues can solve themselves.

Triage for the ages

Perfectly suited for every scenario.

Including the worst one – escalating tickets to your devs. Forward them to Jira or any other tool your team uses without manual retyping.

Mini CRM ftw

Basically, a list of all lists.

All your dear users in one place – with their ticket history and metadata. Find Pedro from Mexico you’ve chatted with last week, in a heartbeat.

To sum it up

Get much-needed data automatically

Find users in a heartbeat

Refine your user × support relationship

Have a deeper understanding of your app

Meet your favorite bug and crash reporting tool.

Add to app in minutes

Doesn’t affect app speed

GDPR & CCPA compliant