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Vitruvian is a fitness app paving the way for at-home fitness with an app that carefully tracks, plans and creates workouts best suited to its users. Acting as your personal trainer, the app diaries your workouts providing data on the progress you make – no matter how big or small. 

We spoke to Software engineer Nathan Castlehow and talked about how Shake SDK has helped them give users the best experience, working out. 

Their requirements

It was really important for them to have a product that allowed them to; 

  • collect and monitor feedback and feature requests directly from their users
  • make improvements to their app, as requested by users
  • bug and crash reporting

Before Shake SDK

Before Shake, Vitruvian was using a competing bug reporting tool and found that it was too expensive. After a quick Google search and comparison between the reporting tools, Nathan said joining Shake was a no-brainer – “It’s cheaper and offers all the features we need, plus crash reports”

While we specialize in bug reporting, Shake Crash was launched in 2021 to track fatal issues (similar to Firebase Crashlytics) on iOS and Android applications. As of now, Shake Crash does not support React Native or Flutter but we encourage all of our users to engage with the request for both on our Public Roadmap. 

Since implementing Shake SDK

Nathan Castlehow

Vitruvian — Software Engineer

“It’s helped us work through niggles much faster than before.”

Vitruvian has been using Shake in production for just over a year. Nathan expressed that by using it in production “users are more involved”, giving users a sense of purpose in making the app more accessible. For Vitruvian, this allows them to have a supply/demand relationship with their users. 

Nathan explains that when updates or changes are made, having immediate customer feedback is very useful to the team in development. “One of my favorite parts of using Shake is how easy it is for the customers… An immediate screenshot, and logs where we can locate the issue”, says Nathan, and in Vitruvian’s case, it’s almost like cutting out the middleman – when the process of reporting is so quick, clear and easy,  your users are your new testers 

Nathan Castlehow

Vitruvian — Software Engineer

“We’ve been able to work through hundreds of issues.”

The team at Vitruvian uses Slack integration, to discuss issues internally and keep an eye on any recurring bugs or crashes, which they have found to be very useful. 


Nathan says that like with all apps “We make changes daily”, only by using Shake in their app, they’re able to make the changes that users really want to see. Putting out new versions of their app, Vitruvian sees immediate feedback from users and  always  has a pretty good idea of what to do next. 

Moving forward with Shake SDK

Vitruvian is planning to continue using Shake in production to put out better versions of their app and cater to their users more effectively, giving them long-time use of their app and products. 

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