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Blossom Social, a trailblazing finance company based in Vancouver, CA, has embarked on a mission to democratize investing. Their vision is to create an inclusive community where all Canadians can access knowledge, fostering financial literacy around the stock market and revolutionizing the culture of investing.

Maxwell Nicholson, Co-founder and CEO of Blossom Social shares insights into how the integration of Shake SDK played a pivotal role in achieving their ambitious development goal and quickly became one of the top three development tools they use.

Key requirements

Before Shake, Blossom had no previous experience with bug reporting tools. However, they were keenly aware of the overhead present when it came to fixing bugs and wanted to find something that would expedite the process – as Maxwell was doing everything manually. 

As Jira users, another requirement was that the tool integrated well with Jira. They wanted to use it as before – and have the tool send tickets that arrived pre-filled with useful data directly to their project board. 

Lastly, Blossom aimed for a tool that’s both user-friendly and can be used in production. They wanted to make sure their app users could report issues easily while making sure developers get detailed insights into issues that are submitted. 

Before Shake

Before implementing Shake, Maxwell found himself immersed in manual bug troubleshooting, dedicating up to 10 hours weekly to identify and address issues. The existing process involved waiting for screenshots, sending them to Figma, and navigating through a time-consuming problem-solving journey. 

Blossom Social team

The most significant bottleneck was eliciting additional information from testers and users, making bug fixing a resource-intensive task. For developers, requesting more information from testers and users about bugs and issues they are seeing is the most consuming aspect of bug fixing – noted Maxwell. 

As a solution, they aimed for a tool that would provide detailed logs, reports, screenshots, and even screen recordings immediately giving you all the information you need to fix a bug. That’s exactly where Shake fits in perfectly.

Since implementing Shake

Shake SDK brought about a transformative change by providing Blossom with detailed logs, reports, screenshots, and screen recordings instantly. This complete and comprehensive set of information empowered developers with the insights needed to efficiently solve bugs.

Maxwell Nicholson

Blossom Social —
Co-founder and CEO

Out of all the tools we use, Shake is in the top 3.

Maxwell notes a substantial improvement in efficiency after implementing Shake. The tool not only saved time but also empowered users to identify issues that might have been overlooked during testing, including user-specific challenges like brokerage connectivity issues.

In short, the simplicity of Shake enabled users to provide feedback effortlessly.

Utilizing the Jira integration, Maxwell efficiently managed issues in their existing workflow, without needing to open the Shake Dashboard. This streamlined issue resolution, and allowed Blossom Social to enhance task management and collaboration.


The results speak for themselves – Blossom experienced faster bug resolution and more streamlined QA processes, saving between 5-10 hours weekly.

On average, the team processed 4-5 reports per week more swiftly than before, showcasing the tangible impact of Shake SDK on Blossom Social’s development workflow.

Looking ahead, Maxwell expresses gratitude for the time-saving capabilities of the SDK and confirms Blossom Social’s commitment to continued use.

Blossom Social remains dedicated to leveraging Shake for ongoing success in bug tracking and quality assurance, aligning with its mission to empower Canadians with accessible and informed investing opportunities.

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