Shake helps Blossom Social save 10 developer hours each week.

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Blossom Social is a finance company based in Vancouver CA, created with a mission to break down the barriers to investing by creating an accessible community for all Canadians to learn and share knowledge, promoting financial literacy around the stock market, and change the culture of investing.

Maxwell Nicholson

Blossom Social —
Co-founder and CEO

Out of all the tools we use, Shake is in the top 3.

We spoke to Co-Founder and CEO Maxwell Nicholson about how Shake SDK helped them meet their development goals.

Their requirements

Blossom really didn’t have any specific requirements but they were looking for something that would:

  • speed up bug fixing
  • integrate with Jira
  • be easy for users to use, so it could be used in production

Before Shake SDK

Before Shake, Maxwell says that he was doing all bug-troubleshooting manually and by himself. This became incredibly time-consuming, and he was spending up to 10 hours a week just looking for bugs and processing them.

Blossom Social team

The process he used prior to that involved waiting on screenshots, sending them to Figma, and working through things from there. For most developers, requesting more information from testers and users about bugs and issues they are seeing is the most time-consuming aspect of bug fixing.

Shake combats this by giving you detailed logs, reports, screenshots and even screen recordings immediately giving you all the information you need to fix a bug.

Since implementing Shake SDK

Maxwell explains that Shake has really helped him improve efficiency, not only by saving time, but also by having users pick up on things that Blossom missed in testing – or even things that they couldn’t possibly spot. 

He detailed a problem they had where “Some aspects of the app are specific to each user – some users saw issues with connecting to their brokerage”, this is an example of something they would not have been able to see themselves in testing.

Because Shake is easy and simple to use “users could report feedback and we could resolve the issue much quicker and easier than before”. 

Using the Jira integration, Maxwell has been able to manage tasks much better without even opening the Shake Dashboard.


Blossom has been able to work through bugs and QA much faster than before and it has saved Maxwell between 5-10 hours a week. Maxwell says that on average they see 4-5 reports a week and work through them way faster than before. 

Moving forward with Shake SDK

Maxwell said that “Shake saved me so much time!” and will continue to use it.

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