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BitRaptors is a mobile development agency, developing user-centric products that are equally as beautiful, as they are functional. Based out of Budapest, Hungary, BitRaptors are a small team of experienced professionals, who got together in 2017 to start helping people bring their ideas into real-life online products. 

Julie Pesci

BitRaptors — Co-founder

We have this ‘User comes first’ philosophy, not just for tiny parts of the project, but the whole process and project, as well.

We spoke to Co-Founders Csaba Toth and Juli Pesci about how Shake SDK helped them meet their goals as a development agency.

Their requirements

It was really important for them to have a product that allowed them to; 

  • collect and monitor feedback, efficiently
  • communicate directly with their QAs and users
  • streamline their workflow, through integrations they already use

Before Shake SDK

Csaba Toth

BitRaptors — Co-founder

We were constantly looking for alternatives to Instabug.

Before implementing Shake SDK, BitRaptors were using Instabug. They found it had less useful features, compared to Shake SDK and didn’t meet some of their key requirements. BitRaptors sees the importance of giving users “something of value”, at an efficient speed and really needed a tool that would allow them to get to the bottom of every issue promptly. 

BitRaptors office

Shake automatically logs user taps, notifications, network traffic and system events – as well as allowing for developers to create custom logs and filter through all logs. For BitRaptors, who aim to provide their users with a great experience, being able to move quickly through each report allows them to resolve issues more efficiently. 

Since implementing Shake SDK

After implementing Shake, BitRaptors were able to integrate it with Slack in just 4 clicks. BitRaptors uses Slack for internal communication, to allow them to raise, discuss and solve all issues that might arise during development.

This also allowed them to change and adapt to their users and make progress much faster than before.  

Juli noted that: “The detailed bug reports Shake offers really saved us time!”


Shake SDK allowed for BitRaptors to focus on their user experience, as opposed to spending time resolving bugs. It was much faster not having to ask: “What happened? Where? What version?”.

Instead, all the feedback was in one place, saving time and encouraging their team to discuss solutions and put out a product their users really needed.

Moving forward with Shake SDK

BitRaptors found that Shake works really well for them, after familiarizing themselves with the SDK and testing it out on this project. 

When talking about testing Shake and moving forward with the tool Juli said:

“Shake is fun! We walked around the office testing it out, shaking our phones, and reporting bugs.”

They have hopes of continuing to use Shake in future projects to ensure that they remain user-centric for all of their clients. 

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