Shake helps CarePlanner improve communication and bug resolution.

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CarePlanner is the market-leading rostering and care management SAAS platform in the UK. Their system is used by social care agencies to manage their staff, clients, schedules, compliance, invoicing, and payroll.

Founded in 2012, and, in the decade since, have grown into one of the biggest social care digital suppliers in the country.

Mark Anslow

CarePlanner —

Shake is our go-to tool when it comes to supporting app users.

We spoke to CTO Mark Anslow about how Shake SDK helped them meet their app development goals.

Their requirements

CarePlanner was looking for a tool:

  • to use for bug and crash reporting on mobile
  • that is different than the ticketing system they used for web apps
  • which fits their different user profile sets

Before Shake SDK

Prior to Shake, CarePlanner used another bug and feedback monitoring system.

But it was so prohibitively priced that they couldn’t afford the number of user licenses to use it effectively, so they were redirecting its data to another system.

CarePlanner team brainstorming session

This led to a disconnect that was disappointing for all parties – support agents, developers, and customers.

Since implementing Shake SDK

Mark explains their initial impression of Shake SDK:

“It was good – simple, clearly documented, and easy to drop into our React Native app. The team has been very responsive since when we suggested improvements.”

Since implementing, they have noticed a change across their entire organization and added:

“Shake is now used by everyone at CarePlanner — from devs, QA to first-line and second-line support.”


Shake has led to improved processes, communication, and bug resolution.

CarePlanner is currently using Shake on both our Android and iOS React Native mobile applications, leveraging features like metadata and logs extensively – along with ticketing features to keep in touch with users.

Moving forward with Shake SDK

On the topic of moving forward, Mark said:

“The experience we’ve had with the Shake system – and, perhaps more importantly, from Shake as a company – has been excellent. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with them and growing alongside them.”

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