The missing piece to
your fintech puzzle.

Welcome, other fintech apps are already here.

Upgrade your tech stack

You have your tools and platforms, now what?

It’s time to save time and report effectively. Shake is an all-in-one tool for analyzing and fixing app issues. Once you set up the SDK – all the useful tickets are in one place.

No messing around

Testing in fintech is hardcore, we know.

So test your app to the bone. Not once or twice, but 10 times – because why not? Shake makes the whole process faster and more rewarding, both for QA and app dev teams.

Regulation friendly

From Alaska to Zimbabwe. Whether you need to be AML, GDPR, KYC or CCPA compliant, you’re all set.

coworkers ping you about bugs

0% vulnerable

Data is saved on reliable AWS EU servers which are ISO 27001, SOC2, and HIPAA compliant.

manual bug reports slow you down

Have a user-centric UX

Give your app users a voice.

With a sorted out feedback mechanism, you finally have a way to hear user’s wishes, fears and ideas. Engage individually and polish the app based on their inputs.

To sum it up

Equip the right tech stack

Be sure to make it secure

Regulation-friendly debugging

Polish UX by listening to users

Save time and money

Bug and crash reporting tool you’ve been looking for.

Add to app in minutes

Doesn’t affect app speed

GDPR & CCPA compliant