A companion for
your companion app.

Internet of things is our thing, too.

Smart this, smart that

Every app is smart until suddenly it isn’t.

Lay the grounds for your product’s longevity. As an app plugin, Shake helps you maintain high standards, both in the short and long run.

Hardware and firmware diagnosis

Know all the why’s – diagnose remotely, off-site.

Once you add the SDK to your app, you get insight into your hardware/firmware, with crucial data for fixing issues.

Cut down on the big costs

Resolve issues without physical intervention.

Hardware problems are the worst. Not to mention, expensive. Discover errors on time in less time – be assured by your quality assurance.

Polish the xxxx out of your UX

Let your users fall in love at first pairing.

Companion app is paired with your hardware so the UX must be flawless. Fix it with user feedback from all around the world in one place.

Interoperability matters

Your devices, perfectly paired every time.

No matter if they’re on a 5GHz WiFi or Bluetooth 2.0. With Shake, make sure it works smoothly everywhere – on a new iPhone or an older brick.

To sum it up

Diagnose and fix remotely

Get insights into hardware/firmware

Step up your QA game

Make your app resilient

Cut the ridiculously high costs

Let your smart product stay smart

Help your app be the best version of itself.

Add to app in minutes

Doesn’t affect app speed

GDPR & CCPA compliant