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Bug and crash reporting tool for your mobile app.

That gets you all the data – without having to bother the user.



React Native


Shake is in the top 3 tools we use.

Blossom Social

Switching to Shake was a no-brainer.


Read what our other customers are saying

Know exactly how bugs and crashes happened.

Screen recording

Screenshot is cool, but it’s even cooler to watch a 30 second video of what a user did before a report.

coworkers ping you about bugs

Attach custom data

Every app is unique. We made it easy to automatically report yourself the value of any variable or any file.

manual bug reports slow you down

All logs in one place

Automatically see a timeline of all user’s taps, network traffic and log, browse, set custom events.

clients keep calling or texting

Crash-user relationship

Crashes aren’t generic stats. You’ll also know who experienced the crash and be able to chat with them.

endless bug reports clog your inbox

Over 50 automatically collected data points

Device model

HTTP logs

App version


User info

Steps to reproduce


OS version

Plug Shake straight into the tools you already use and love.

jacob wisebeck testimonial

Jacob Wisbeck

One Acre Fund — Dev Team Lead

Shake has really streamlined issue investigation and identification for us. The integration was simple and the features are well designed.

Meet your favorite bug and crash reporting tool.

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Doesn’t affect app speed

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