Get unreal data to fix real issues in your app & web

Debug and report faster with crucial info attached automatically.

Add to app in minutes

Doesn’t affect app speed

GDPR & CCPA compliant

Spend less than trillion years looking for the right clues

As a dev, have plenty to work with

Look into activity history, instead of listening to vague explanations.

endless interuptions from coworkers

As a tester, level up your every ticket

With 50+ data points attached. Without tedious manual work.

manual bug reports slow you down

Have those crash reports in a flash

Stack trace, blackbox, logs, repro steps and more. Life’s good.

crashes lack actionable data

All of clients’ reports, streamlined

No more Whatsapp, emails, texts, or calls. Just one place for bug triage.

client reports are all over the place

Have all the valuable customer feedback you need in no time

Understand users 122% better

Get a clearer understanding of your app users backed up by valuable data.

Give the team a peace of mind

Device, app version, OS… Know it all instantly.

All user feedback in one place

Add helpful links on the forefront of SDK, to steer users in the right direction and resolve issues without lifting a finger.

This is how you Shake

Add Shake SDK to your app

So your testers and users can submit reports from the app.

  • Shake adds only 2.5MB to your app
add Shake to your app with just a few lines of code

Shake (or don’t) to submit a report

Get 71 unique data points attached automatically on each user’s ticket.

Shake offers reports with automatically attached data

Personalize reports to your needs

Customize SDK. Capture user info, attach logs, protect data and more.

personalize the data you recieve with Shake

Invite your team to collaborate

Track issues, share notes and assign crashes to teammates for $0 per seat.

Shake lets you invite your whole team to collaborate for free

Integrate with tools you already use

Auto-forward reports with 1-click integrations.

integrate Shake easily with the tools you're using

In this typical what if scenarios

If your app user can’t log in

See if that’s of a 403 server response or if their OS version is old.

If they say feature doesn’t work

Easily check if testers have the latest build, before you even start debugging.

If your app crashes to a user

Fix it with insights into stack trace and casually DM them “Sorry, it’s fixed now.”

If users propose a new feature

Instantly know if it’s their 1st or 9th ticket. As a pm, rush through the deadlines.

If your colleague reports a bug on a billing screen

With Rules, automatically create a ticket with high priority and assign it to a developer. Or just filter them out. The power is yours.

Get over 50+ data points on each ticket

Device model

HTTP logs

App version


User info

Steps to reproduce


OS version

Not to brag, but many great devs and teams are already shaking

Don’t believe us?
Neither did Jacob, at first.

jason wisbeck

Jacob Wisbeck

One Acre Fund — Dev Team Lead

Shake really streamlined issue investigation and identification for us. The integration was simple and the features are well designed.


developers use Shake


SDKs on mobile devices


engineer-weeks saved

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Add to app in minutes

Doesn’t affect app speed

GDPR & CCPA compliant